Our mission is to Forever Banish Boring Bath Time!!

We strive to bring affordable, hand crafted, cruelty free products to you.

We have a vision to provide a little luxury that is hand crafted, cruelty free and affordable to the mass population. We aim to provide you with the Feel-Good Factor and the knowledge that our products come from a small family business, not mass production industry fat cats. We use our Artisan skills along with Aromatherapy and Industry knowledge to provide safe and affordable Luxury products. Furthermore, we wish to be able to inspire you to become a small business warrior also and turn the mass-produced global market around, One Product at A Time. We really feel strongly in our aim to encourage others to also go into the small business world. We are just ordinary people who don’t have the luxury of disposable income (now wouldn’t that be the dream) As a customer of ours you deserve (yes you!!) to be able to treat and pamper yourself with affordable prices without comprising on values, not extortionate prices from big industry companies. So, banish your boring bath-time and come and join us where you can lather yourself in some self-care love, and fill your Castle you call home with amazing uplifting fragrances and Be Who YOU Want To Be.

Love all at only1711.com xxx